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September 12, 2008 California Metrolink Train Accident and Derailment.

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The Metrolink commuter train that crashed into the Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth was due to the negligence of the Metrolink train engineer and the traffic signal that should have alerted the engineer to stop the train. Was the signal working properly? If it was, did the signal go unheeded?

Warning: You have only a short time to file a special government claim or be permanently barred from obtaining a recovery against Metrolink and MTA.

The Metrolink train engineer was at fault for failing to heed the red signal, causing the crash with the freight train that claimed 25 lives, left 135 injured, 40 critically injured.

Data obtained by the National Transportation Safety Board showed that the signal for the Metrolink train was set to red about 10 minutes before it arrived in Chatsworth, indicating that it should stop. But the passenger train did not obey the signal. Instead, it continued to that fateful stretch of tracks at approximately 42 miles per hour, actually bending the signal in the process. Meanwhile, the Union Pacific train traveled through the signal traveling south. By the time the dispatcher realized something was wrong, the accident had occurred.

The Metrolink train passed 4 signals between De Soto Ave. and Nashville Street.  If the signals were working correctly they would have warned the Metrolink engineer to slow and stop.

Unfortunately, the train blew through the switch junction on the railroad siding and collided with the freight train.

By the time the dispatcher realized something was wrong, it was too late.  There is no doubt that Metrolink is responsible for the collision. We will prove through our experts that Metrolink and/or Union Pacific were wholly at fault for this tragedy.

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