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Are you involved in litigation related to the recent Chatsworth train wreck?

The Chatsworth train wreck Metrolink derailment spawned many injuries, and we represent victims in train crash in Chatsworth lawsuits. If you were in the Chatsworth train accident, you have the same right to compensation other Metrolink crash survivors do. Be compensated for the Metrolink accident and the train crash Chatsworth will never forget.

Victims of the Chatsworth train accident and survivors of the Metrolink accident have access to:
  • Handling of litigation and lawsuits related to the Chatsworth train wreck
  • Monetary settlements for the train crash in Chatsworth
This collision was a train crash Chatsworth residents will never forget. If you sustained injuries we can help.
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Were you involved in the infamous train crash in Chatsworth? This was a train crash Chatsworth will never forget, and victims of the Metrolink accident have a right to compensation. If you sustained injuries in the Chatsworth train wreck, Nadrich and Cohen can help. We've represented several survivors of the Chatsworth train accident, and can help you.

The Chatsworth train accident Metrolink derailment resulted in casualties, and survivors of the train crash in Chatsworth can file suit. There is a limited time to file for the Metrolink crash, and we can help. Nadrich and Cohen represent many Chatsworth train wreck victims. Be compensated for a train crash Chatsworth won't soon forget.