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Metrolink officials say trains crashed after their engineer drove through red light

Metrolink officials said Saturday that a train engineer's failure to heed a red light signal apparently caused the catastrophic head-on crash in Chatsworth on Friday afternoon that claimed at least 25 lives… read more


Chatsworth California Metrolink train crash kills 25, injures hundreds, and wreaks havoc on my neighborhood.

While driving home on the Ronald Reagan Freeway Friday night to pick up my gal, I observed many helicopters hovering over the area where I live. I decided to turn on KFWB News Radio to find out what was going on. I heard on the news that there… read more


Rail Line Says Train Ran Signal; Death Toll at 25

LOS ANGELES ó An engineer who ran a red signal here and crashed head-on into a freight train likely caused the nationís deadliest commuter train wreck in nearly four decades, a spokeswoman for the rail line said Saturday… read more


Federal board won't probe train crash

Just about everyone involved with last week's commuter train crash in Canton that injured 150 passengers and crew members has said it could have been far more disastrous. A runaway freight car barreling down the tracks slammed into an MBTA commuter train on the Northeast Corridor, the heavily traveled… read more
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