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General Issues Regarding Train Accidents
Victims of railroad accidents like the recent Chatsworth train wreck are entitled to consult with train wreck lawyers and seek compensation.†Many, however, donít know that they must do so within a specific amount of time.†The train wreck attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen remind victims…
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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Railroad Accident Attorney
The train wreck attorneys at Nadrich and Cohen have over 60 years of combined experience representing personal injury victims.†We have investigated numerous railroad accidents…
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What Constitutes A Dangerous Railroad Crossing?
It is well understood that when a train collides with a car or truck the results can be devastating and deadly.†The trainís weight and size will destroy most vehicles, and nowhere was this more evident than in the Chatsworth train wreck in September of 2008.†As was the case in the Metrolink crash, the individuals in such vehicles…
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Life Settlements Redefine the Potential of Life Insurance Policies
In the late 1980s, the AIDs epidemic gave birth to the viatical market, in which a terminally ill patient would sell their life insurance policy to a viatical firm for more than the cash surrender value. As AIDS patients began living longer, this practice eventually evolved into the Life Settlement industry. Today retirement age citizens… Click Here To Read More!
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Is A Rare Condition Often Linked To Fen Phen Use.
Fen Phen was widely prescribed in the 1990's. More than 18 million prescriptions in the United States alone were prescribed to individuals, mostly women, for rapid weight loss. Fen Phen, which are the rapid weight loss drugs Pondimin and Redux…
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Seat Belted Occupant Rollover Death And Serious Injury
Thousands of people who are properly seat belted are nonetheless killed and/or catastrophically injured because of head and neck injuries due to rollover automobile accidents. These deaths and severe head and neck injuries are entirely preventable…
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Unumprovident Insurance Denial Tactics
UnumProvident is the largest group disability provider in the United States. They handle 40% of all disability insurance. UnumProvident has been accused all to often of unfairly closing their insured's existing claims in an arbitrary and unlawful manner and denying new disability claims…
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Victims Of Asbestos-related Cancer Have Legal Recourse
In recent years, asbestos has been linked to asbestos cancer. Malignant mesothelioma, the most common of these cancers, is directly related to exposure, and if youíve been diagnosed with such a tumor the asbestos attorneys at Nadrich and Cohen, LLC remind you to protect your…
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What You Dont Know About Financial Planners Could Cost You
We all know how important it is to save for our financial futures, staying out of debt and credit history, but few of us have the time, dedication and knowledge it takes to invest our money wisely. Since we are so familiar with hiring professionals to do our gardening, shopping…
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Why You Need A Bicycle Lawyer For A Bicycle Accident
You need a bicycle accident attorney to understand your rights. If you are unfortunate to be in a bicycle accident, you need a bicycle lawyer to guide you through the particular legal issues regarding bicycle law. Bicycle lawyers such as Nadrich and Cohen are experts…
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