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We've handled Southern Pacific train wrecks, including the recent head on Metrolink train wreck in California. Nadrich and Cohen is representing victims of the Chatsworth crash as well as those injured or the families of those killed in railroad train wrecks nationwide.

Nadrich and Cohen offer victims of the recent Southern Pacific train wrecks resources including: We are representing several victims of the recent head on Chatsworth crash in California, and if you were injured in that collision we can help you.

We have experience in cases involving Southern Pacific railroad, and are currently working with victims of the Chatsworth crash and other train wrecks. If you've been involved in a head-on train collision in California or nationwide, you owe it to yourself to seek legal counsel. Learn more about how the law offices of Nadrich and Cohen can help you.

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Those involved in railroad train wrecks involving Southern Pacific railroad and other lines, including the Metrolink train wreck, have a resource in the law offices of Nadrich and Cohen. Those involved in any train collisions have a resource in us in seeking the compensation they deserve.