Train Wreck Attorney

Moreno Valley, CA

"Nadrich & Cohen is a great law office. They are very professional and quick to respond. My case went very smooth without any issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

San Fernando, CA

"I owed an amount over $200,000 and Nadrich & Cohen were hired as soon as I got the pile of bills. I spoke to three different people while my case was open and everyone treated me with courtesy and respect. My calls were quickly returned and all my questions and concerns were responded as requested. I got all my bills paid for,out of the collections agency and also got a decent amount of money for my troubles. I had options to contract my friends lawyers but after running into Nadrich & Cohen's website via, I decided to give them a call and explain my case. It was honestly the best decision i have ever made! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a decent and honest lawyer which is hard to find now a day."

Huntington Beach, CA

"I was very pleased with their services and their professionalism was outstanding. My case was settled to my satisfaction and I would recommend Nadrich & Cohen to anyone requiring help with an accident injury claim."

Perris, CA

"This was my first time working with a lawyer and they made it real easy and pleasant. THe paralegal always returned my phone calls and answered all the questions I had (which were many!). I received a nice settlement and was very happy with the service overall."

Woodbridge, CA

"I found Nadrich and Cohen online after my motorcycle accident. They took care of everything for me from start to finish. They made everything easy for me. They went the extra mile in every respect in my case. I was extremely impressed by their professional service and their very apparent desire to make me happy throughout a tough time in my life. I would definitely recommend them. "

Sherman Oaks, CA

" I got in a car accident and needed medical attention. I called my insurance company and they said they would fix the car but were not sure about doctor's bills. Not wanting to take a chance, I found Nadrich & Cohen and they took care of the rest. They found me a qualified therapist, and I didn't have to pay for the treatment or legal expenses up front."
End of day, I got a decent (not huge) settlement and I had the peace of mind that my medical needs were taken care of. Thanks!

Stockton, CA

"I had a really great experience with the Nadrich & Cohen law firm. They handled my case very well, guiding me through the entire process. The communicated with me very well and constantly kept me in form. I greatly recommend using this law firm if you're searching for excellent service and professionals that are truly there to help represent you."

Fort Irwin, CA

"I would like to thank everyone in Nadrich & Cohen, especially Ms. Poole, Ms. Munoz, and Mr. Jordan, L. for helping me to get my settlement on my rear-end accident/collision (Aug 2011) and injuries. They assisted me to every step from getting my vehicle repaired and physical therapy. Now I am a lot better after they sent me to the Chiropractor. I am very thankful that I found the right auto accident law firm in Southern California (Nadrich & Cohen). Once again thank you for everything. I would more likely refer a friend/s to Nadrich & Cohen because I know that they would take care of everyone."

Castro Valley, CA

"My grandmother and I were in a terrible car accident Dec 2010 We called N&C very professional recommended us to a great physical therapist. I had no insurance at the time they worked with the hospital about our bills. Great company highly suggested. Received more money than I expected woo-hoo."

Vancouver, BC

" I am a resident of Canada and was injured in a bicycle accident where I was struck from behind by a motorist. Nadrich & Cohen handled all aspects of my case and were attentive throughout. The insurance coverage was not huge, but they handled it very professionally throughout and were very attentive and pro-active. They settled it without court proceedings at the maximum insurance available. I was very satisfied with the way I was treated and would recommend them to anyone. "

Shoreline, WA

"I write this review to help those of you who are unsure where to turn for help and to show my appreciation for what the Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP did for me. I was injured in a vehicle accident and was naive enough to try working with the other party's insurance in covering my medical expenses. The problem was that I was on vacation in California when the accident took place, but I live in Washington. The insurance company pretty much decided that they didn't have to do anything and worked hard to scare me off. Yet with my medical expenses climbing I had to do something. "

"I had never before been in need of legal representation of this type and was unsure where to turn or what to do. "
"From the moment I first contacted Nadrich and Cohen all of my worries and concerns were put at ease. They were extremely understanding and helpful in explaining everything that was going on right up until it was settled. The level of personal interaction that I received was much more then I had expected. My case was extremely complicated but they handled it with ease and made sure that the settlement was more than enough to cover my expenses. "
" If I'm ever in need of Legal representation of any kind, Nadrich & Cohen are the first place I will go and I recommend that you give them a try also. I assure you that you will be as pleased and surprised as I was with the quality and personal care of their service. "

Santa Monica, CA

" I was in an accident the summer of 2011. I called Nadrich and Cohen soon after the accident. Everyone I spoke with was professional, courteous, responsive, helpful and very easy to work with. They took care of everything and I was happy and relieved to find my case resolved so efficiently in my favor. Highly recommended! "

Rosemead, CA

" I was involved in a bike collision. I called N&C they assisted me in finding a chiropractor. They have been friendly and easy to communicate with till the very end. I followed up with the information they needed and they where able to settle my case. They took care talking to the chiropractor and insurance company. I highly recommend. "

Norwalk, CA

"I was in an automobile accident earlier this year. I called the Law Offices of Nadrich & Cohen. Everyone that I spoke with was very nice and professional. My case was settled very quickly. I would highly recommend them!"

San Bernardino, CA

"These lawyers are exceptionally awesome. They always kept me informed of my case and worked quickly with it. Everytime I needed to contact them they were always very pleasant and never gave me "the run-around" I highly recommend them."

San Diego, CA

"Professional. They succeeded in their mission to earn compensation for my bicycle accident. Took just six months to receive a check in the mail covering all expenses and more. A thousand thanks to Nadrich, Cohen, Abel, Elizabeth, and Larry."

Lomond, CA

"Very helpful law firm. I used them after a bicycling accident and they took care of me. Response was great but if you're used to instant messaging or replies, you'll have to lower your standards. I'm not a social media butterfly or connected to a smart phone so I really don't mind. I would use them again."

Los Angeles, CA

"I am totally satisfied with the care and attention N&C personnel gave to my case over the 10 months they handled it. Sylvia Munoz (paralegal) spent many times on the phone with me re updates and authorizations and always conducted herself in a very professional manner. Larry Jordan (atty) was more than helpful at the end in explaining the settlement process and how the coverage would get divided up between medical, attorney and myself. Also provided counsel re future car insurance coverage I should get to safeguard for future possible accidents that would help me to recover better $-wise if there was another way-underinsured driver involved like I had with this accident. Overall, the 5 stars have more than been earned!"

Stockton, CA

"This is a great lawyer they've helped me a lot and they tried their best to help me win my case, thank you."

Bakersfield, CA

"I was hurt in a car accident when I was hit by an uninsured driver. The law offices of Nadrich and Cohen got me what I deserve to get for my injuries from the insurance company."

Fontana, CA

"This law office was helpful and always available to speak to me while my case was being reviewed. They settled the matter quickly and within 4 days after reaching an agreement, I had a check."
"I highly recommend this firm."

Los Angeles, cA

"I really liked this Law firm because they really take care of you. They are kind and give you full help. And put all their energy into their work, and give it their all."


Stockton, CA

"Great people! Always there to help and did not treat me like a paycheck. Mr. Nadrich or Mr. Cohen were very pleasant and always helpful. I recommend them for your time of need. Always a quick response to calls or emails."

Lakewood, CA

"Great work, excellent communication between client and attorney. Would recommend!"

Fresno, CA

"My daughter was hit by a car while riding her bike to college. Contacted Nadrich and they helped us work with the hospital to settle all the bills. The police had found our daughter at fault for riding on the sidewalk. The driver’s insurance company ended up settling for 90k. Larry Jordan was the administrator at Nadrich and he is the best to deal with. He worked on it to bring it up from 60k to 90k. He was always pleasant to work with. I strongly suggest to give him a raise. He is what makes your company great."

Hemet, CA

"I feel like I hit the lottery when I found Nadrich and Cohen online! I had hired another attorney and he did absolutely nothing with my case and filled me with unrealistic beliefs about what he could recover for me. I called and spoke with Attorney Cohen and he was direct, honest and did not fill my head with false hopes of a grand recovery. He was extremely professional, knew the law and he put all of the steps in motion to get me resolution to my case. He completed in 5 months what the other attorney had not even begun in a year and half"
"Nadrich and Cohen has an extremely professional team and the one thing that mattered the most, I actually got to hear things first hand from the Attorney. Elizabeth was the paralegal who assisted with my case and she is one in a million. If she said she was going to do something for me, she did it!! Larry Jordan was fantastic to work with and he did a fantastic job assisting with the closing of my case paperwork."
"To the entire team at Nadrich & Cohen, I thank you for everything and allowing me to finally find closure to my attack by a pitbull. I will always recommend your law firm to anyone I know or meet who needs the assistance of a professional lawyer who has a great support team!!"

Chino Hills, CA

"I do not have any complaints about Nadrich & Cohen, when I first called after my accident they took care of me immediately. The Interviewing process was quick and easy and I was able to get my settlement quicker then I expected. If I ever have another problem that I need an attorney’s office help I am diffidently call them back again. Thanx for everything Nadrich & Cohen you guys helped a lot."

Hesperia, CA

"Our family has had the privilege of being represented by the law firm of Nadrich and Cohen on two occasions. Once for damage to property and another in a personal injury case.In hindsight, we can say that it was the best decision to hire them. They made the process simple to understand, and decision making is easy with the information provided. The staff is friendly and courteous. Hats off to Mr. Larry Jordan especially, who went beyond his duties and time to accommodate us when the need arose.Thank You. We mostly dealt with Mr. Randal Cohen who will tell you what you need to hear, and not what you want to hear. Can't be anymore straight-forward than him. Overall, we appreciate the time and effort in our case. I highly recommend them. Thank You,"

Venice, CA

"The intake process and Nadrich and Cohen has been a dream. I switched law firms because I felt like my old lawyer didn't really care very much about me or my case. Since switching I've felt nothing but safe that I made the right decision. Able, the paralegal has been beyond awesome with keeping up with me and making sure I get in all of my paperwork, and has been there to answer any questions I've had. The intake paper work is really easy to do, on your computer, and the program guides you through the process so you won't miss anything! So far I would definitely recommend this firm to other people.. I will be back to comment on how the rest of the process goes!"

Desert Hot Springs, CA

"Nadrich & Cohen have been very helpful to me. I felt like I didn't know what to do an they reassured me that I wasn't alone an they have helped me along the way. I appreciate their promptness and politeness. They have been very patient with me at this difficult time. I would really recommend them to anyone!!!"

Torrance, CA

"I am very happy with Nadrich & Cohen. The frst law firm I had, I was not happy with because they seemed pushy and not reliable, so I switched and I feel very confident that Nadrich and Cohen will reach and agreement that I will be very happy with. When speeking to them on the phone, they were very friendly and helpfull especially with what needs to be done as far as paperwork and such. The computer program for the paper work was really simple. Thank you so much N&C for all the help you have given me!! :)"

Sacramento, CA

"This law firm is very organized, efficient, and quick with their work. The process ran very smoothly and the service was great. Strongly recommended to anyone."

Sacramento, CA

I was very stressed selecting a firm and didn't want to deal with all of the potential hassles-- especially with my busy schedule. But Nadrich & Cohen made everything very easy, simple, and quick. Highly recommend them for the job. Won't regret it.

Murrieta, CA

I was referred to Nadrich & Cohen by a friend. I was able to get all of my questions answered by Mr. Cohen. He gave me as long as I needed to feel comfortable with my decision to hire their firm to assist me with my accident case."
"The intake process was extremely easy. All online. I was able to complete part of the online interview, then go back to it a few times as my time would permit to complete and submit all of my information through this online process."
"I was immediately contacted by the paralegal who is now assisting me with my case. She reviewed the information and asked for a few supporting documents and that's it. They are handling the rest and I don't need to worry about it."

West Hills, CA

"This is an amazing Law Firm. The intake process was immediate with Abel. I received all the documentation to complete instantly. Mr. Nadrich the attorney spoke with me the same day I called to hear my concern and put me at ease. I am very impressed and would Highly Recommended the Firm to a friend. If you're in need of accident legal representation this is the legal team to contact."

Huntington Beach, CA

"I heard about Nadrich & Cohen through a friend. I called them and they immediatley took over my case. It was a long and difficult experience due to my injuries, but Mr. Cohen and Staff were very courteous and helpful. They worked very hard and were able to close my case with a great outcome and without going to trial. I would highly recommend them if you have suffered an injury due to an auto accident."

Long Beach, CA

"I use a wheelchair to get around and one day I was crossing the street I was hit by a car. I had to be hospitalized and receive months of stimultanius physical therapy for my injuries. I contacted Nadrich&Cohen personal injury law firm to represent me in getting the right offer for damages & my medical bill recovery. They spent effortless time on my case to do so! Thanks to Nadrich&Cohen, I’m doing well now & got my bills paid, too."

Pico Rivera, CA

"I would like to thank Nadrich & Cohen for all the work that was performed by there staff on my claim, I was very impressed with your work on my case,no once did i ever had to call your office to find out what the status was on my injury claim,your company always called me or emailed me to give me up to date status of may claim. i will highly recommend your Law Firm. Thanks Again"

Encino, CA

"Here is my review below. It was saved at 2:56pm. The intake process for Nadrich & Cohen was very user friendly. I anticipated having to read complicated legal jargon, and filling out long drawn out documentation. Instead I answered very simple questions about my accident. It was very fast and easy. I would recomend them to anyone."

Highland, CA

"My husband's personal case was handled poorly by his previous lawyer and was denied. We had to switch lawyers. However the task proved very difficult. Most lawyers that we consulted with didn't even want to take the case. Finally, we consulted with Nadrich. After the consultation my husband and I both agreed, this man knew what to do. Mr.Nadrich told us the reality of the situation, he never gave us false hope or any sugar coated promises. Mr.Nadrich was very forward about the case but at the same time, gave me and my husband hope. I found Mr. Nadrich to be very approachable. He is an extremely gentle and compassionate person. Unlike other lawyers, who barely answer any questions or concerns, Mr. Nadrich staff Abel was very helpful as well and answer all your questions even if it means repeating himself over and over until you understand. He genuinely cares about his clients and wants them to know what is going on with their case. Mr.Nadrich is a very easy person to talk to and will make anyone feel comfortable.He will say things to lighten the situation and brighten up your mood. I would most definitely will refer Mr Nadrich to any one that is seeking a good attorney."

Clovis, CA

"I contacted Nadrich & Cohen through their online Consultation form toward the end of January, and it was no time before Abel, the Intake Specialist, was in touch with me. He has been extremely helpful, informative, and goes above and beyond just to get answers to all of my questions. Abel has been so wonderful with keeping me up-to-date, and contacts me in between the regular important phone calls, just to touch base. Although I've only been represented by N & C for a short time, I feel at ease knowing that I'm in good hands. I would definitely recommend this law firm because here, I actually feel like my case matters."

Hollister, CA

"To date this law firm has been very helpful and prompt in helping me with a case. They listened and asked alot of questions to get further information, something some of the law firms i spoke with did not take the time to do. I would recommend them to anyone who asks."

Ventura, CA

"I was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2012 which left me with multiple broken bones in both wrists and a fractured ankle plus the normal road rash and my bike was totaled. A few days after the accident I decided to contact a PI attorney and I wanted one that was local and with only a single phone call and not one visit to any office my legal team of Nadrich & Cohen consulted me on what I should do with my bike and handled everything as far as medical bills and the other guys insurance and my settlement was more than fair I could not have done it without them. Thanks Jerry J."

Santa Rosa, CA

"The service is excellent. The settlement was fast and I am really satisfied with the result. Once again thank you!"

Sacramento, CA

"I found this firm over the web and I definitely fell in the right hands. They have been extremely helpful and informative from the first time I contacted them. They are always available and respond quickly when I had a question. It was such a smooth process. I absolutely recommend this company to anyone involved in a car accident. They take care of everything. You don't have to deal with claims departments and misleading information etc. I was hit by a young driver who ran a stop sign. It was awful and the only thing worse was dealing with their carriers claims department. I was getting contradictory statements and terrible advice. Thanks to Nadrich & Cohen, I was able to focus on myself and my recovery."

Sacramento, CA

"I was recently in a car accident that took over my life in a blink of an eye. I realized there was no way I can handle this case myself. I decided to do some research on some firms and a few days later, after reading numerous reviews, I knew I had to give Nadrich & Cohen a call. Their demeanor were great over the phone, and how they took over my case was just even better. I am a full-time student, part-time worker, and a mother with very little to no time for myself. Although, still trying to recover from the accident, Nadrich & Cohen made it easier for me like the accident never happened. Now that I've got them on my side, I was able to get back on track without dealing with any hassle. I highly recommend this firm, they are professional and courteous. Thank you Nadrich & Cohen!"

Palm Springs, CA

"After I was seriously injured in a recent accident on 2/18/13, I was forced to retain counsel. Jeff Nadrich met with me in Palm Springs to accommodate my scheduled medical care, and I was impressed by his caring attitude. Jeff had a profound understanding of my injuries and prognosis. I have had many years of experience with some really mediocre attorneys and some really outstanding attorneys."
"I obviously count Mr. Nadrich among those really outstanding attorneys. I interviewed 4 different attorneys before I retained Nadrich and Cohen. I asked specific questions to each attorney to determine their perceived honesty and expertise. Then I chose Nadrich and Cohen. I am a Paralegal by profession, and I chose to entrust this firm to litigate my claim . Jeff Nadrich has demonstrated extensive knowledge of tort law, aggressive representational tactics, and best of all, honesty. I would like to add that I have never called Nadrich and Cohen and had my call routed to some impersonal voice mail...every time I call my call is promptly answered by a live individual who is aware of my case. No BS, no double talk, just factual and professional representation. I highly recommend this firm."

Palm Springs, CA

"I had to consult Jeff Nadrich after I was injured in a rear end collision. I found this firm to be very attuned to my needs and expressed concerns in litigating this matter after the defendant's insurer refused to pay my medical bills and auto repair. Unaccustomed as I am in legal matters, I was reticent to sue, but Mr. Nadrich assured me that my case would not be settled unless we litigated the other driver. I am impressed by the quality of the representation and attention to detail. This firm is always available via phone and internet, which is very convenient and comforting."