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Are your train wrecks attorneys representing victims of the Chatsworth crash?

Our train wreck attorneys are representing victims of the Chatsworth, California Metrolink crash and have filed lawsuits and pursued litigation in Southern Pacific train wrecks and other railroad train wrecks. If you've been involved in one of these catastrophes let Nadrich and Cohen help you get the compensation you deserve in California and nationwide.

At Nadrich and Cohen, our train wreck attorneys have worked on many cases including:

Victims of railroad train wrecks are entitled to compensation. Let us help you with your lawsuit and litigation today.

Victims of the recent Metrolink train accident in CA and other railroad train wrecks have only short time to pursue litigation and file a lawsuit before being barred from seeking compensation. Let the experienced train wreck attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen protect your rights and champion your cause in seeking restitution.

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Railroad train wrecks like the recent catastrophe in Chatsworth, California leave many victims in their wake. At Nadrich and Cohen, our experienced train wreck attorneys work with victims to help them get the compensation they need to begin rebuilding their lives. We've worked on Union Pacific and Southern Pacific accident cases and more, and can help you.