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Our train wreck lawyers have represented many victims in lawsuits involving names like Southern Pacific as well as the recent Chatsworth, California Metrolink full car train wreck. Train wrecks leave a number of victims in their wake, and if you've been involved in one let the train wreck attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen protect your rights.

The experienced train wreck attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen can help you in cases involving: Victims of train accidents have the right to file a lawsuit, and our train wreck lawyers can help you get what you deserve.
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Full car train wrecks like the recent Metrolink disaster in California remind us of the need for qualified train wreck lawyers. Victims only have a limited time to file lawsuits and seek the compensation they deserve, so if you've been involved in a railroad accident don't wait to seek the legal counsel of the train wreck attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen.

From accidents on lines like Southern Pacific to the recent Chatsworth catastrophe, those who have been involved in full car train wrecks or have loved ones that were should seek the services of our experienced train wreck lawyers. Don't wait to seek the compensation you are entitled to. Let our train wreck attorneys be your advocate and protect your rights.