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Are your train wreck lawyers also personal injury attorneys?

Our train wreck attorneys are personal injury lawyers handling litigation and lawsuits for victims of railroad train wrecks like the recent one in California. The injury attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen offer a wealth of experience and expertise. Let our train wreck lawyers handle your case and bring you one step closer to the compensation you deserve.

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The law firm of Nadrich and Cohen offers victims of railroad train wrecks:
  • Train wreck attorneys
  • Personal injury expertise
  • Handling of lawsuits and litigation
If you were injured by a railroad, our train wreck lawyers are ready to help. Please call our 24 hour Injury Hotline at 800-722-0765. We represent train wreck victims in California and nationwide.

Railroad train wrecks like the latest Metrolink crash in California are outrageous and unacceptable. Our train wreck attorneys are ready to work as your advocate. The staff of Nadrich and Cohen has extensive experience in lawsuits and litigation in this area. Don't wait another minute to let the train wreck lawyers of Nadrich and Cohen help you.

Our train wreck lawyers are personal injury lawyers that seek compensation for the pain and suffering of clients who have sustained injuries in railroad train wrecks. Our injury attorneys have a track record of winning compensation for our clients. Let our train wreck attorneys help you get what you're entitled to.